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Shiki Tofukuji四季東福寺


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Dear Valued Guests,

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you! We sincerely hope that your stay at Shiki Tofukuji has provided you some experience of living within a Japanese community. As in any hospitality business, we strive for excellence but feedback from our distinguished guests is greatly appreciated for us to further enhance our services. Kindly share your experience by submitting a review for our business using the link below :


感谢您给我们机会来为您服务! 我们真诚地希望您在四季东福寺的住宿为您提供在日本社区生活的一些经验。 与任何酒店业一样,我们追求卓越,但我们非常感谢有来自尊贵客人的回馈,以进一步提升我们的服务。恳请使用以下链接为我们提交谷歌评论或是直接于网站上面给我们您的评论并来分享您的体验。



We look forward to seeing you at your next visit! Arigato Gozaimasu from us at Shiki Tofukuji.

我们期待您下次的拜访! 感谢。

The Management


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